Some Happy Birthday History

One hundred and sixty years ago this week the "Town of Kansas" was incorporated. June 3, 1850 to precisely mark the date. The initial settlement of that town was right at, and under the current Missouri River boardwalk known as the "Town of Kansas Pedestrian Bridge". That Bridge/Boardwalk is at 2nd and Main.
Three years later, in 1853, "Town of Kansas" became "City of Kansas" and finally, "Kansas City" in 1889. That original 1850 charter was issued 29 years after Missouri became a state in August 1821.
Think of that; Missouri becomes a state in '21 marking a western edge of the United States, marking it for 40 years, until Kansas joins the Union in January 1861. For 40 years you could walk across, what is now State Line Road, into wilderness.
WEST OF STATE LINE ROAD: WILDERNESS aka KANSAS.....Except at 103rd Street. At 103rd Street, State Line Road wiggles to the west. There's a creek in the way, keeping it from going straight north and south. That little wiggle causes some of Kansas to be on the east side of State Line Road. SOME KANSAS IN MISSOURI? General Ewing call your office.