History: Hallmark Cards & Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day. My three children "cared enough to send the very best". I imagine "handing to me with a hug" is a form of "sending". Regardless, Hallmark Cards accompanied gifts, a party and other expressions of love.
Hallmark Cards, the Kansas City institution that leads the 6 Billyion (thank you Carl Sagan, for such a great pronunciation of the word Billion) greeting card industry, was founded in 1910. Joyce Clyde Hall founded it when he travelled from Nebraska to Kansas City, where he took a room at the YMCA.
From that 'Y' he began mailing unsolicited packages of postcards to Midwestern retail concerns. Some returned them. Some paid for them. Some were never heard from. Over time Hall received so much mail at the 'Y' that they asked him to leave. The cornerstone of that 'Y' now resides in a place of honor on the 4th floor of the Hallmark headquarters building.
Hallmark, over the past 100 yrs, has itself become a cornerstone of KC business, industry and provider of jobs for KC families. And what a great example of capitalism Mr. Hall provided us: put your idea out there, and see who salutes it. If nothing else, capitalism is faith. And Hall's faith was well placed and rewarded. By the way, if anyone "cares enough" my anniversary comes up in September.