Re-enactments, Bus Tours and PowerPoint Presentations

5-First person re-enactments, performed by Bill Nicks; IKE Eisenhower, Octave Chanute, Wilbur Wright, Dr. James Naismith and Boss Tom Pendergast.

Bill also conducts bus tours to Lawrence, Abilene and around Kansas City Missouri IN CHARACTER.

He also presents PowerPoint Presentations; "Why Kansas City is the BBQ Capital of the World"............"A Kansas History as told through 'The World's Largest Sunflower Collection'."............And a Photographic PowerPoint Tour of Kansas City (The same tour as the bus tour, but seen from the comfort of your chair)

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Dr. James Naismith, The Original Doctor J.

Kansas City Tour Group at Lewis and Clark campsite.
 Tour hosted by Octave Chanute.

Naismith with his statue
and conference delegate

Bill performs Wilbur Wright, Dr. James Naismith, Boss Tom Pendergast, Dwight Eisenhower and Hannibal Bridge Builder Octave Chanute for groups, events, festivals,
air shows, families, banquets, conventions, parks and recreation departments, celebrations, historical societies, bus tours etc.
His characters appear wherever groups want to be educated in an entertaining way.

Octave Chanute, with Biographer Simine Short from Chicago

Wilbur Wright in Chanute, KS at festival

Boss Tom Pendergast in Lenexa, KS

Wilbur at Spirit of St. Louis Air Show

President IKE Eisenhower