Bill Nicks, 913-424-9228
  • Historical 1st Person Re-enactments (Octave Chanute, Dr. James Naismith, Wilbur Wright and Dwight Eisenhower)
  • Customized historical bus tour packages to Abilene, Lawrence and around Kansas City.
  • Two unique programs available for your group;
    1. 200 (of over 3900) Sunflower items brought to you from "The World's Largest Sunflower Collection" and 
    2. A 50 slide PowerPoint presentation on "Why Kansas City is the BBQ Capital of the World".
  • For more information, please contact Bill Nicks at
  • Phone 913-424-9228

Sunflower Collection Program

BBQ Presentation on
'KC is The BBQ Capital of the World'

Tour stop at the BBQ Hall of Fame

1st Person Octave Chanute re-enactment

IKE Eisenhower presentation

Wilbur Wright in St. Louis

Dr. Naismith in Kansas City, MO