Bill Nicks, 913-424-9228
  • Historical 1st Person Re-enactments (Octave Chanute, Dr. James Naismith, Boss Tom Pendergast, Wilbur Wright and Dwight Eisenhower)
  • Customized historical bus tour packages to Abilene, Lawrence and around Kansas City.
  • Four unique 'sit-down' programs available for your group;
    1. 200 (of over 3500) Sunflower items, and their stories, brought to you from "The World's Largest Sunflower Collection"
    2. PowerPoint presentation on "Why Kansas City is the BBQ Capital of the World"
    3. A PowerPoint presentation on "A Kansas History as told through 'The World's Largest Sunflower Collection'."
    4. A PowerPoint photographic tour of KC Mo.  This is the same Kansas City tour as above, but without the bus or lunch at City Market.
  • For more information, please contact Bill Nicks at
  • Phone 913-424-9228

Sunflower Collection Program

BBQ Presentation on
'KC is The BBQ Capital of the World'

Tour stop at the BBQ Hall of Fame

1st Person Octave Chanute re-enactment

IKE Eisenhower presentation

Wilbur Wright in St. Louis

Dr. Naismith in Kansas City, MO