Event Photos

Wilbur Wright, at the 2022 Spirit of St. Louis Air Show and STEM EXPO,
tells a family
about the first flight of December 17, 1903

Octave Chanute answering a Chanute High Schooler's Question

Kansas City's Boss Tom Pendergast
at Historical Presentation
I do Boss Tom as a warning.

IKE at 75th Anniversary of the Great Bend Army Airfield

General IKE in Shawnee on Veterans Day--November 11, 2022

Wilbur Wright at Coffeyville, KS Aviation Museum
Spring 2023

Octave Chanute prior to speaking at Chamber of Commerce Banquet

Naismith celebrating in McPherson KS.  The McPherson
Globe Refiners AAU team put 6 members on
the 1936 USA Olympic Basketball Team.

Wilbur Wright at FAA Event


After our visit, I can tell you that the best part of our visit is Bill Nix (sic) of the historical society who is the historical interpreter representing Moses Grinter!  He is fantastic at his job!  Not once that we were in the house did he break character!  He is very entertaining and knowledgeable of the Grinters! He alone is worth the trip to the Grinter Place Museum!

Dwight Eisenhower in Lenexa, Kansas

Wilbur Wright at Holiday Banquet in Creve Coeur

TJ Pendergast at Rotary event

Octave Chanute in KC's 8th Street Tunnel.
Tunnel opened in 1888 for cable cars.

Dr. James Naismith, at Allen Fieldhouse
 with conference delegate and his statue.

Wilbur Wright in Iowa Newspaper

Please view this 3:50 minute YouTube link of Wilbur Wright.
It is part of a 30 minute presentation on the Wrights'
quest from May 30, 1899-Dec 17, 1903

Octave Chanute in Olathe, KS

Please watch this short YouTube video of part of an
Octave Chanute Presentation

Dr. James Naismith in Wichita, KS

Chanute at High School in Chanute, KS

Wilbur Wright at Spirit of St. Louis Air Show

KANSAS CITY is the BBQ Capital
of the WORLD presentation and BBQ tour

PowerPoint program entitled "A Kansas History
as told through The World's Largest Sunflower Collection"

BBQ Hall of Fame tour stop on
'KC is the BBQ Capital of the World' program

Chanute with part of
Basehor KS Library Tour Group

General Eisenhower reviewing WWII scrapbook
in Great Bend, KS

"They Like IKE" on tour at Kaw Point in KC

Dr. Naismith at Jr. Hi. Basketball
Awards Ceremony

Tour Group at Satchel Paige's grave...in the rain.

30 Second clip of a 'Retirement Roast' hosted by
Historic KC Characters; Boss Tom Pendergast, Annie Chambers and Harry Truman.

General Eisenhower at Air Show honoring WWII Aviators

Chanute appearing at lecture with biographer
Simine Short from Chicago

Naismith with visitor at 75th Anniversary of KC Municipal Auditorium

Dr. James Naismith and bus tour
participants at Phog Allen
Fieldhouse on KU Campus

Bus Tour with Chanute, KC Skyline and Missouri River

Octave Chanute at Dodge City Distillery

IKE with Air Show spectators

Coffeyville Student Tour with Octave Chanute
at Santa Fe Trail Swales in Minor Park, KC Missouri

Dr. James Naismith in Allen Fieldhouse.
'Pay Heed'

Sunflower History program at Basehor Kansas Elementary

The Original Dr. J. with his rules

O. Chanute with tour group in front of his Hannibal Bridge

BEAUTIFUL fall tree at Satchel Paige's grave.
Historic Kansas City Bus-Tour
hosted by my friend, OCTAVE CHANUTE.