Super Bowl in KC

Cold weather town New York gets to host the 2014 Super Bowl. That opens the way for cold weather Kansas City to bid on hosting her own Super Bowl. Start the novenas for good weather in New York.
The Kansas City Chiefs played in the last TRUE Super Bowl; Super Bowl IV, on January 11, 1970. That game was the very last game between the old National Football League (NFL) and the old American Football League (AFL). After that game the two distinct leagues finalized their merger into one league of two conferences: The NFC and the AFC. Now the champions of the NFC and the AFC meet annually in the 'not as Super as before the merger' Bowl.
The Chiefs have not been back to the only game involving Roman Numerals since 1970. (By the way, who is in charge of and assigns Roman Numerals? Super Bowls get them, as do Popes and book chapters. But how did Hanes t-shirts and dirty movies get numeral 30?) The Chiefs may not have appeared in another Super Bowl (after playing in I and IV) but they did play in the NFL's longest game ever. The Miami Dolphins beat the Chiefs in overtime, 27-24, on Christmas Day 1971. The two teams, Chiefs and Scrouges, played 22 minutes and 40 seconds past regulation. The game was the last ever played in Kansas City's Municipal Stadium at XXII and Brooklyn.