History: World War I Memorial

I consider the Vietnam war as a 'battle' in the 'War to contain communism'. That War, 'the Cold War' took 60 years to win. Freedom loving people may have lost a few battles, but the war was won.
The current 'War to contain terrorism' sees continued fighting in the 'battle of Iraq' and the 'battle of Afghanistan'. I expect this war will last longer than the 'war to contain communism'. No doubt other battles will be engaged.
Kansas City's WWI Memorial reminds us of the 'War to end all wars'. How all freedom loving mothers and fathers wish it had been. The Memorial, designed by H. Van Buren MaGonigle of New York, has two Sphinxes, one on each side of a 217 ft. obelisk-like shaft. One Sphinx faces east and has its eyes shrouded. The shroud is to hide the horrors it had recently seen in the WTEAW.
The other Sphinx faces west and it too, has its eyes shrouded. It faces west towards the future. A future that is unseen, hence the shroud. The Memorial was dedicated in 1926 by President Coolidge. It is a nice place to visit. It is a nice place to visit and to remember all of the warriors, past and present, who do battle for us.