Stephen Curry and Nate Archibald

Last Saturday, while an NBA televised game was on in the background, I played in a "Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament" fundraiser.  It was for my grandson's baseball team.  (FUNDRAISING TIP: Invite grandparents to your fundraising event.  They will donate any potential winnings back to the cause.  For instance, the grandmother I live with won money in our granddaughter's softball team's Super Bowl Pot.  Her, our?, winnings will buy a shin guard.  Last Saturday, a young woman on my left, did not give me a chance to win/donate any money.  As I went all-in, she found an ace on the river.  Hey, it's for the children!)

Our "Texas Hold'em Tourney" slowed to a "Just Hold'em Tourney" when, in the NBA game, The Golden State Warriors went into overtime versus The Oklahoma City Thunder.  None of us won, or lost,  a poker hand for the next 17 minutes while we watched the OT.  Of course, Stephen Curry won the game on a 32 foot (for him) layup.  It was his 12th three of the game and his 288th for the season. The season record for 3s was 286.  Set by Curry last year.  And he still has one-third of the season left to play.  He's having a great year, and it caused me to remember Hall of Famer Nate 'Tiny' Archibald, who played for the Kansas City Kings.

During the 1972-73 season, Tiny unbelievably led the league in both scoring average, 34.0 ppg, and average assists, 11.4 apg.  Unbelievable.

In 2016 we are watching something special in Curry.  Forty plus years ago Kansas City watched something special in Archibald.

Steph and Tiny; the defenses of the NBA can't, and couldn't Hold'em.