Thirty-Fourth President from the 34th State

President Dwight David Eisenhower (according to his mother's bible he was named David Dwight Eisenhower) died in Washington D.C. on this date, March 28,  in 1969.  We Americans, and the whole world, were lucky to have him for 78 years.  Of course he was born in Denison, Texas but moved to Abilene, Kansas 2 years later.  Among the things he accomplished between Denison and Washington were:

Had 6 brothers, one died in infancy,
Graduated #66 from West Point,
Married Mamie Doud of Denver,
Had two sons, John Sheldon Doud and Doud Dwight.  Doud Dwight died at age 3,
Graduated #1 from the Command and General Staff School in Leavenworth Ks.,
Graduated #1 from the Army War College in Washington D.C.
Served under General Fox Connor in the Panama Canal Zone,
Served under MacArthur in the Philippines,
Became a licensed pilot at age 45,
Commanded the invasions of North Africa and Sicily in WWII,
Commanded D-Day invasion of Normandy in 1944 during WWII,
Accepted unconditional surrender of Germany in 1945,
Promoted to General of the Army,
Served as President of Columbia University,
Lead NATO,
Wrote best seller Crusade In Europe,
Elected President of the US in both 1952 and 1956 with the best political slogan ever: I LIKE IKE,
Oversaw statehood of Alaska and Hawaii,
Proposed Open Skies for Peace to the Russians, who said 'Nyet!',
Started NASA and the Interstate Highway System,
Survived McCarthyism and Checkers,
Kept the Cold War cold and avoided the ground in Vietnam,
Sent federal troops to Little Rock to uphold desegregation order of Supreme Court,
Warned of the 'military industrial complex',
Retired to Gettysburg, PA in 1961,
Survived numerous heart attacks, and
Lead America on a middle of the road, peaceful march to prosperity and increased freedom and civil rights.


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