Most Clutch Free Throws EVER!!

Congrats to the U.S.A. Men's and Women's Olympic Basketball Teams for winning Gold in London.  Following the men's game a few of the players went over and greeted 1972 Olympian Doug Collins.  It was Collins who hit the two most clutch free throws in the 121 year history of Dr. Naismith's game.

Let me remind you of 1972.  The USA Men's Olympic BB Team had never lost an Olympic game.  (Thanks to KU basketball coach Phog Allen's fundraising, basketball inventor Dr. Naismith made the trip to the 1936 Berlin Olympics and made the opening toss of the very first 1st Olympic game).

That 1936 to 1972 unbeaten streak was about to end.  With 6 seconds left in the 1972 finals the USA trailed the Russians 49-48.  Then Doug Collins, an Illinois State guard (all USA players were collegians in those days) stole a pass.  He drove for a lay-up, but was fouled.  HARD.  With 3 seconds left, he cleared his head and hit both free throws for a 50-49 lead.

When the Russians in-bounded the ball, the referees stopped play at 1 second, due to confusion on the court.  Again they in-bounded the ball.  It was deflected and they failed to score.  USA WINS!!  Until International Amateur Basketball Federation official R. William Jones ordered the final 3 seconds replayed.  Ivan Edeshka threw a court-long pass to Alek Belov who laid it in.  The USSR won the gold medal.  The USA protested, lost that one 3-2, and correctly refused to accept the Silver Medals.