Good afternoon and Happy Selection Sunday.

It has been 42 days since I wrote it on the HistoryKC.com website blog.
My three children read it, and got whiplash from rolling their eyes.
Four friends 'liked' it on FaceBook.
And Frank Martin and Bill Self ignored it.
BUT two friends (one newly met) read it, embraced it and improved it. What, you ask, is the 'it' that has been improved? It is (go find your neck braces, dear children) the suggestion that Kansas State University play basketball against Kansas University every year on The State of Kansas Birthday, January 29th.

So what can be the improvement to such an already attention attracting, community building, Dick Vitale hosannaing idea? The improvement is to schedule EVERY Kansas College EVERY January 29th.

Wait! Do you want some ala mode' on that EVERY COLLEGE, EVERY 1/29? (I know......your heart is already racing like a point guard on a fast break, but there is more.) Bring groups of 6 or 8 of those Kansas Colleges together at our larger venues around the state, and make it a day-long celebratory festival.

A festival like the thousands of high school state tournaments and college post-season tournaments that are currently being contested and enjoyed throughout this whole basketball crazy country of ours. And while we have the crowd at those auditoriums, fill the lobbies and surrounds with Kansas vendors, history, education, products, stories, friends and pride.

If this EVERY COLLEGE, EVERY 1/29 concept appeals to you, please forward this note onto every college decision-maker, athletic director, mayor, CVB director, conference administrator, board of regent member, Governor, city manager, youth sport director, elected official & college president that you know. Encourage them to get behind this State of Kansas annual event.

More importantly, forward this note onto every Kansan you know who loves fun, community, tourism, dreams, special events, history, tradition and the greatest of all our 50 states, KANSAS.

EVERY COLLEGE, EVERY 1/29 Tip-off is Tuesday January 29, 2013.