Happy Birthday Kansas: Sunday, January 29.

Happy Birthday Kansas. January 29, 1861.............. 151 years, AND I still wonder why Kansas State University men's basketball team does not play the Kansas University team... on this day... every year... to celebrate Kansas ... and the birth of our 34th State. There must be some good rea$on. Although, I am at a loss to know what it could be. They both played yesterday. Just move it a day. They are in the same conference, and play each other twice, so one of those games could be penciled in first when laying out the schedule. They are the only two division I schools with Kansas in their name, which allows them to have the honor of playing the birthday game. Sorry Wichita State. And there is only one other state that has only two teams in D-I, with the State in their school name, who play in the same conference, and have a birthday during the conference season...........Yeah, like I'm going to tell you which state that is. The best I can do, is give you the same instruction that Casey would give you.

If there is, indeed, a good rea$on not to allow the game to follow the calendar I wish someone in charge would tell me. Whatever it is, I doubt if it holds true for the women's teams and schedules. This excuse to celebrate the great State of Kansas and to help build state-wide community spirit works just as well with women's teams as it does with the men's.

Happy Birthday, Kansas. Ad Astra per Aspera.