2011 World Series

Game Seven starts in a few minutes. It was last night's game six which demonstrated once again why baseball is;
1. The greatest game ever invented, and
2. Still America's game.

It is the best game ever, because it is fair. You have to give the other guy his 'fair ups'. You cannot dribble around while the clock runs out. You cannot take a knee while the clock ticks down. You have to throw the ball!! You can scratch and spit all you want, but you have to give the other guy a chance by throwing the ball. That's fair. Texas was ahead in the bottom of the ninth and again in the bottom of the tenth, with 2 outs and 2 strikes on the batter. Close as that is to winning, you still have to get that last out. St. Louis won in the eleventh. Fair Ups, indeed.

It is America's game because, once again, it is fair. America is, at its heart, fair. America has due process. And what is more fair than due process? And what is due process? Due process is 'fair ups'. You get your day in court and, in baseball, you get your swings.

Enjoy tonight's game America. It is your's.