Jayhawks vs Wildcats every Jan 29

The State of Kansas turns 150 years old this week. January 29. A SESQUICENTENNIAL Celebration. No, I don't know why the celebration was named after Lewis & Clark's guide, but I do know that Kansas State University and The University of Kansas should play basketball on that day every year. They should play basketball as one event in our annual statewide birthday celebration.

I don't care if it is the men's teams playing or the women's teams playing; KU should play KSU every January 29. If we have to have a birthday celebration during the winter, it better be celebrated indoors. And there is no better indoor game than basketball. On December 21, 1891 James Naismith invented basketball, in Springfield Massachusetts. He invented it as a game, to fill the time between football season and baseball season, that could be played indoors, out of the "harsh Massachusetts winters". College basketball is perfect as part of an indoor celebration.

A few other things are perfect about KSU v KU on 1/29:

  • KU and KSU are the only Division I Colleges in the state with the word KANSAS in their names. So no argument on who gets to play each year. Sorry Wichita State. Perfect.
  • KSU and KU already play each other at least twice a year. So no one needs to pull a hammy trying to re-arrange existing schedules. Perfect.
  • KSU and KU, because they belong to the same sport conference, are planning to schedule each other for a long time anyway. Perfect.
  • AND the Kansas Birthday falls during the conference basketball season. PERFECT.

SO schedule-makers, please pencil in KU vs KSU every January 29. Help us celebrate...indoors...out of those "harsh Kansas winters".