Hobbies: Great Public Relations & Future Paychecks

Doctor Rich Davis, creator of K.C. Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce (the best sauce in the world), is one of perhaps a dozen reasons why Kansas City is the BBQ Capital of the World. The other reasons? How about; Bryant, Dalton, Davis, Edwards, Gates, the KC Athletics, KCBS, Kirk, McClure, Perry, the Stockyards, Trillin, Union Station, Uhl, Wells and Worgul?

Barbecuing and tinkering in the kitchen were avocations enjoyed by Dr. Davis, a child psychiatrist. His tinkering resulted in K.C. Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce. Many people, like Davis, have turned hobbies into paychecks and, at the risk of drawing unreasonable parallels, my historical re-enactments and tours started as interesting hobbies. Interesting to me, and apparently interesting to others. In fact, I submit to you that all hobbies are interesting enough to be interesting to other people and that the hobbyist should be encouraged, BY THEIR EMPLOYER, to develop a 20-30 minute program or speech about the hobby.

Why should their employer encourage such an endeavor? Because then the resultant program/speech/talk/presentation/demonstration could be 'sponsored' by the company or organization at Rotary clubs, schools, DARs, festivals, events etc. Companies already sponsor a range of activities from The Olympics to the Local Street Fair, why not be a 'speech sponsor'? The employee would love it, the civic group/function would love it, and the company would love the great Community and Public Relations.

Now how should the company 'encourage' their employees to develop the hobby into a presentation? They should:
  • Allow time to present the talk to groups
  • Allow access to copy machines
  • Allow access to projectors and Power Points
  • Allow access to camcorders and computers

Naturally, not 'access at all times to all things', but the organization's body language should be; "We see this as a community good--we see this as a valuable WinWinWin for the civic group, the employee and the company. Let's talk about how we can match your individual goals with company goals by using your passion for a hobby to serve yourself, the company and the public."

If this concept interests you, contact me at historykc@gmail.com and I will help you and your company. My historical re-enactments served civic groups/events, my employer and me for over 20 years.

Turn your hobby into good Public Relations and/or into a future paycheck.