July 4th............and 5th

The nation, not just Kansas City, celebrated Independence Day yesterday on Sunday July 4. Now we get to celebrate it again today. While listening to and reading all the news pieces, opinion pieces, radio/TV human interest pieces and recitals of The Declaration, it occurred to me that Independence Day is very similar to November's Thanksgiving Day. Of course, on Thanksgiving we don't hand our children explosives and say, "go celebrate!" Although deep-fat frying frozen turkeys comes close.

On this twofer holiday we gathered in parks, backyards, at Sunday church and invariably thanked the country's founders who recognized that our fundamental rights come from our Creator. And that governments are instituted to secure those Creator endowed rights.

We also thanked those who fight, and have fought, to protect and preserve those rights. "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" and the conversations about LL&PH were played out around grills, picnic tables and lawn chairs at parades, firework displays and neighborhood/community gatherings. The conversations there centered on family, work, sports, politics and what the future holds. Always on what the future holds. For it was about a better future that The Declaration of Independence was written and signed. It was the first step in a never-ending journey that continues today. May God continue to bless the USA.